Tank Tapper 2 Head Filler Multipe

A while back we decided that we needed a way to conveniently sample beers from tanks just after carbonation to make sure the product passed the final sensory stages. The old way of doing this had us keg off a 1/6 bbl, haul it up front and tap it. It was time consuming, couldn't be done while the beer hall was open and overall was just a pain in the ass. After doing this for years we decided we would come up with a way to serve a beer straight from our 30 bbl tanks without the hassle of kegging off a test keg and tapping it. We then created a unit that basically replicates a common jockey box but is smaller, more portable and easier to maintain. This is what we came up with...


Bonus Idea:

We've also utilized this unit to hold private events where the beer is served right off the brite tanks for release parties. We have one of our brewers control the beer service while also talking to the public about anything unique about the beer and/or it's process. The gimmick is nice because it allows a controlled group of customers to get an exclusive preview of an upcoming beer. It also get's people creating pre-hype for the beer on social media while simultaneously motivating them to be a part of our mug club. We've found they find it really exciting to be in the brewery for an exclusive tasting and tour.

Shipping Policy:

Unit will be bubble wrapped, boxed and shipped via FedEx (shipping charges vary). We will contact you directly for your shipping address.

We always have 1 unit on the floor and is usually shipped within 3 days of receiving payment.

If we sell more than 1 within a short time it will take no longer than 7 working days to assemble and ship out.


$400.00 + Shipping

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